Dubai & Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
November 2022

My first time outside Europe, where things are different, they seem gigantic and chaotic. There are many first times, of all kinds. It's also a great practice for noncomfort, for going outside my precious comfort zone, into the unknown and uncertainty. And a great practice for dealing with my mind, which is so scared and confused if it hears a strange sound in the night. Good time to ask myself what is actually there and what comes from me, what's reality and what's projection. Do some dream checks as well. Good time to ask myself what's this "me" that I carry around everywhere. An ad on the back of each seat in one of the planes said "limit your interaction with others and enjoy the ride by yourself". That's a strange way to do it, but maybe it makes sense for car rental companies, or probably it makes sense somehow anyways in this world with such a big division between people. My intention for this journey is to able myself to crack open my heart, to actually just open my heart and mind so much so that I don't have any single thought of limiting my interaction with others anymore, to just make so much space in my mind and heart for love for others and to have no space left for limiting, for restrictions, for fences, for borders. No idea how the trip will unfold, if I ll die before I do what I planned, if anything will make sense or not. But at the moment, my mind is calm and happy - excited that I started, curious about the future - but quite happy in the present. This is not just a few days or weeks or months long travel journey, but a lifetime, or lifetimes journey. It will take a while. 


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