it's so special that every image appears different to each of us
how can i show you exactly what i see in it
i see light, a human body, two people hugging,
one bald head wearing blue headphone big speakers
small dot of sun on the chair in the library white hat, turquoise table
i can describe the shapes and colours, what my eyes see
but my experience of it cannot really be expressed in words
your shape, a long history of kindness which brought you here in this second,
those two bodies hugging, their love pouring out on each other,
round smooth shape, cool breeze clear thoughts,
small dot of sun on chairs, the same sun in the river on the way here, multiple dots warming us in the room, dots making lines on the windows
my eyes see shapes and colours
my heart adds additives:
feelings, thoughts, experiences, last time i met you, my hopes and expectations
i create this image in my mind.
i construct this, i take it raw, i pick it from the tree, and i make it jam
it boils together with my inner supplement, in my inner pot.
the camera catches shapes and colours, and so quick and subtle they are soaked with additives, supplements.
i make my own world with each photograph.
it's a fruit jam.


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