1993 - now

The I project explores the memine, and myself phenomena. It’s interesting that I constantly think that there is something that stays the same inside me, that I carry with me throughout my life, and establishes myself, this I. At the same time, I am aware that I am changing every moment, growing, and growing out of things. I wash my body, old cells go away, I cut my nails, they grow again and I cut them again. I learn new things and I unlearn others. I replace stuff. I forget things, I invent things. I leave things behind. On a gross level and intentionally I change the way I look. I do it with haircuts, earings, makeup, clothes, gestures, habits. Unintentionally, on a subtle level, I grow older every second, going towards decay. I move my body in so many places in this world, and each place puts a new layer of me on top of the old ones. I change. I changes. What is this I and how is it possible to think that it remains the same overtime? Who is actually in each picture that I or someone else took of myself? Who I thought I was back then and who do I think I am now? 
Who am I? Who is I?

walking on a street, holding, wearing someone else’s thing 
feeling that the style doesn’t really represent me
then a thought comes
what is there to be represented actually
what's this worry, this grasping to
what’s this me 
why i am so stuck in this idea of me
i see i am inside something
like inside this me
and i know it’s still me who makes this idea
but this me is different that the other me
do you have this too
or it’s just


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