November - December 2022

Kathmandu is grey, dusty, loud, poor at the surface, but so rich, colourful, loving, patient, wise on the inside. Local people have big hearts, they stay in the present and value it more than anything else. They say they “fly slowly”. Monks and nuns in red robes jump off scooters and enter shops with their helmets on. Honks at every corner and unique bumping driving styles on thin and steep streets. In between people, motorbikes, dogs, local buses, and monkeys protecting their babies. From the monasteries you hear the nuns and monks playing Tibetan drums, cymbals and Tibetan horns. They sound like a “long, deep, whirring, haunting wail that takes you out somewhere beyond the highest Himalayan peaks and at the same time back into your mother's womb” - as Tsultrim Allione describes it.


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