, this new romanian word, carries so much in it,
it's a word that implies a whole reality
iu iubi bine nescu
each of these syllables or combinations of syllables
can be associated with a great quality or activity
to me iu is connected to the english you,
so to a sense of you,
a sense of living and existing together with you, all of you,
holding in mind all beings
it's about equanimity,
a steady mental state in which no one is held close or distant,
but everyone is on the same level
there is no preference for a special you
it's just being
iubi is wide and fun
a iubi means to love,
but the noun iubi is used as a nickname for a lover
here instead it is directed to all lovers,
all beings, all flowers, all bodies of water.
worldly love in general is restricted to only what brings oneself pleasure
or satisfy one's needs,
but the love in iubinescu aims to be unlimited, unrestricted,
infinite, with no borders,
as the infinitive iubi
continuously touching everything and everyone from all parts of all worlds
good, bad, deserving, not deserving,
it's a kind of love like the sunlight
like rays of light
spreading everywhere, not discriminating
touching every object on its way
it's a big love, unable to fit in boxes or tight packages
and it gives birth to bine
iubi iubine bine
bine, just an adverbe,
it means good, well, right, all right
or favorably, advantageously, usefully
i take it as complete beneficial,
a matter of kindness, goodness,
or clarity, morals, and ethics
i take it as bringing benefit to you
all kinds of benefit, everything you might want and need
delivered in these four letters
which are also part of love
love and benefit
spread love, benefit all
like the escu
like any romanian name ending in escu
coming from being, going to being,
continuity of mind, of intent
it has nothing to do with ancestral nationality
with the country, with the nation
it is not about anything romanian
it's without a land, without a country, without a nationality
without a name, without a label, without gender, without age
escu or iubinescubinescubinescu
it's a continuation of the intention
to bring love and joy to everything and everyone


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