July 2023

31 July
thirty years
since I am in this body
in this life on this planet
since I am here in the middle of this fascinating space

roller coaster in so many directions
field with sunflowers and bees
construction site with never endings
whirlpool with pointless swirls and useless wars
shiny diamond with many seen and unseen sides

I had picnics with friends and fruits
in Berlin, Bucharest, and Sibiu
in my busy holiday in Europe
on my way to get a visa
to go back to India

thank you for being such great beings
all of you around me,
known and unknown,
all of you flowers in this beautiful field
opening in the sun

thank you to you
many tiny you 
I carry with me in my heart
all the way on all roads
to the end of roads


© raisa iubinescu 2024