Berlin, Germany

︎︎︎ Way of Seaing: the project︎︎︎

Way of Seaing is a body of work inspired by the human mind, Indra's net, or the interconnectedness between everything. It is about seeing, being seen, and the sea, and ultimately, a tribute to the mind. In a poetic manner, it follows a journey about understanding thoughts, feelings, and overcoming fears by bringing light on them, in order to eventually go beyond them.  
The self-published book features short texts, poems describing real experiences, and dreams related to fear, accompanied by photographs of light glittering on the water, as metaphors for the mind.

A book on seeing, being seen, and the sea.
A tribute to the mind, pure light, clear water.

200x240mm, 44 pages
Edition of 30, hand-numbered.
Self published in Berlin, Germany

Excerpt from the book "Way of Seaing"

a huge thank you to:
Rada from bruise studio
+ Sara from Green Studio Pilates

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