raisa hagiu
1993 - now

IU · u · you

Iubinescu's starting point, and actually its whole point is you.
These letters joined together refer to the idea that humans have a basic goodness in them and it’s worthwhile to notice and appreciate it. IU · U · YOU relate directly to you, every you, every being. It’s about you, all beings, and all your qualities and potential. U resembles a jar, a bathtub, a bowl holding your whole being inside it. It’s everything you are, inside this shape of you. This appreciation inspires me and gives rise to my wish to contribute in a way or another to your journey, to this bowl of you. So iubinescu starts as/with a conscious intention to notice, appreciate, be inspired by, and eventually to benefit you in a way or another.

iu · IUBI

In Romanian, the verb “a iubi” means “to love”. IUBI seems like it’s one single entity, bright and playful, soft and joyful, but seen from two different angles: IU · BI. Somehow, the IU has the perfect conditions to be followed by BI. You - the bowl, your contents. You - the love, your nature. One entity, two ways of looking at it, two angles. Likewise, iubinescu’s heart is aiming to and training in a love which is universal, unconditional, vast. One that can fill all bowls, all containers, all recipients, one that doesn’t discriminate. Just a wish for all beings to abide in boundless love.

BINE · benefit

Iubinescu’s “bine” gently holds the space for wellbeing. The word stands for favourable, advantageous, useful, pleasant, comfortable, decent, ethical. In other words, beneficial. Bine contains activities of body, speech, and mind which don’t create more distress in the world, but instead enrich it. Bine contains non-aggression and the wish to increase world’s peace. It’s a happy mind, cultivating wisdom and compassion, speaking them to everyone, touching everything with them. It’s a space for you, every u, to express who you are, to expand yourself, to extend your being to the world.


Common romanian suffix added to surnames given from parents to children, here “escu” refers to the continuity of mind and heart in iubinescu, in the world. It’s like a treasure given from being to being, from generation to generation, like a continuation of being. It indicates an ongoing journey, a long path with flowers blooming. Iubinescu’s “escu” also refers to a sense of interconnectedness between everything visible at all times, like planting trees and breathing in fresh air and breathing in what they breathe out. Escu is also a space for you, every u, to express who you are, to expand yourself, to extend your being to the world.

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