raisa hagiu
1993 - now


︎︎︎an enthusiastic human being. Working with photography, fascinated by thin strips of light and the sun glittering on the water. Working on my heart and mind, curious about inner landscapes, sky mind, sun rays heart, clouds thoughts.
Born in Galati, Romania. Lived and worked in Barcelona and Berlin. Based in Dharamshala, India. Currently in a tibetan buddhist meditation centre, where I’m spending my time looking at and learning about my inner world in depth, and working behind the scenes to make this possible for others as well.

︎︎︎ Photography & Video, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
︎︎︎ École Supérieure des Beaux Arts D'Angers, France


a play of syllables and a collection of offerings, in order to inspire, contribute to, and support other beings on their journey. All my practice is actually an offering to the world, so all my images, projects, and other activities come under the umbrella of iubinescu︎︎︎. They become mental, spiritual, and material offerings, which I fill with love, joy and sunlight, and send out, back to the world.

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