Dharamshala, India
March 2023

Dear precious human,

How are you? I hope you’re well and your heart is at peace, wherever you might be in this world!


On the 1st of March it has been four months already since I left Europe︎︎︎ and embarked on a very special journey - one which feels like opening the curtains and the windows, and letting the sun come in.

In this new light, I make a small present for you: I’ve put these words together, in this letter, sprinkled it with love and joy between the lines, filling all the empty spaces. I hope that when you read this email that love shines out through your screen, making the dust sparkle all over it. May each tiny dust particle on your screen act as a prism that radiates rays of lightness and joy in all directions, filling your entire garden!

Below are some things I’ve been working on lately.


I published Way of Seaing︎︎︎↗, a book inspired by the human mind, Indra's net, or the interconnectedness between everything. In a poetic manner, it combines images and texts on seeing, being seen, and the sea. The book talks about fears and ways to bring some light on them, in order to eventually go beyond. Edition of 30.


This is a publication I made together with Rada Nastai︎︎︎, and published by bruise studio, in Berlin. It explores the gentleness quality of every phenomena and every being - the mix of softness and precision present at all times. Edition of 50. There are a few copies left - you can order one here︎︎︎↗.


While still in Berlin, I met and worked with many wonderful beings. From assisting visual artists in their studios to organizing photo sessions for various projects and businesses, my goal was to create the space for people to express and expand themselves. Sometimes I helped them feel more comfortable in front of the camera. You can take a look at some of the results here︎︎︎↗.


If you like my pictures, buying a print (as a gift or as anything else you find inspiring) is a great way to support me and my practice. 
To me, this is a way to offer the whole world to you, like a huge gift, because each image is in its essence a product of the entirety of existence.


Lately I felt inspired to write about my thoughts and experiences from volunteering in buddhist communities, and some other things. So I have made a webpage where I write sometimes. You can read some of my thoughts in these journal entries, here︎︎︎↗.


In November I started traveling to Nepal and India, and I was extremely fortunate to have the chance to meet HH the 14th Dalai Lama for a few seconds - great great great experience! Recommend to everyone! It felt like an eternity of immeasurable glimpse of an infinite vast space filled with wisdom and compassion!!! Hope to write more about this soon!


I write these with the intention to bring a tiny bit of benefit in a way of another to you somehow, I mean, to inspire even the tiniest wish in you to bring more light and spread peace around you. To make your mind as vast as possible. All this, in order to make the future bright, with people living in harmony and freedom. May anyone who sees this page or reads any of these words be happy and at peace!

I end this letter with an image of me - gently holding this planet, playing with a new friend, wearing “great” on my forehead, walking the Indian streets.

And now a HUUUUGE massive thank you for staying here until the end. Please receive an ocean of love to swim in it anytime you want!

Big love,

Dharamshala, India
March 2023

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